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  I ride the chaotic pull of your stormy gaze to gain entry into the phantasmagoric wonderland called your mind, seeking something my brain warns me I’m not ready for… But my body and soul begs wholeheartedly to differ.

I’m rendered speechless by the unrelenting thrall of the journey into your eyes and beyond. What awaits the boy with a slight case of the Naïveté on the other side of your guarded fortress? Beautiful madness? Revelatory anarchy? A forbidden landscape only created to engulf me whole?

Excuse me as my soul putt-putts its excitement to the rhythm of the disorderly trajectory that is this vortex leading into a course less traveled. The bumpy ride is only scary if you don’t understand the morse code within it. A code so intricate that only few have learned to crack it. I can hear the clicks among the clatter as I get even closer…

And after surviving the maelström leading into your forbidden, chimerical landscape, still with a slight case of Naïveté, I met the eye of the storm… a beguiling gentleman. A genius wise beyond our years combined. Misunderstood by many for journeying to his own eccentric cadence.

The creator of the anarchic whirlpool surrounding us was simply a man, with human wants and needs like the rest of us.

And yet… you still enthralled me.

When your eyes glinted a mischievous glee with a knowing smile growing slowly across your face, I knew – but most importantly you knew – I was ready for The Perfect Storm.






Noise is good. Especially of the cosmic variety.

We are surrounded by Noise. Not the common noise of planes, trains, automobiles, electronics, barks, meows, and so forth. But the Noise of the Heart, the Mind, the Body, the Spirit. The Noise of the Family, the Workplace, the Livelyhood, and the Being.

We get distracted by the Noises that occupy our varying roles in life. Yearning for a singular thread of theme that will show itself clearly through the tangles of our personal various ‘musical notes’ and experiences. We tend to lose the rhythm of our own personal being, or we lose ourselves in the chaotic cacophony of those around us; whether close or distant, it doesn’t matter. Or, unfortunately, we’ve become so used to being one with someone else’s Noise, their beat and rhythm, that we never know the fruits of composing our own jingle, our own theme song within the gamut of our life’s potential soundtrack.

But once you hone in on that unique composition; a healthy balance of the many Noises within your own life… Oh, boy… The music becomes exhilarating, prophetic, and oh so YOU. You will discover that the different notes you prayed to the Master Composer for have been embedded within the sound-waves surrounding you. Your Song will finally be conducted, ready for the masses to consume and celebrate. Your Noise will become an emphatic Symphony, remarkably unmistakable and genuinely unique in nature.

Your Song will finally be ready to be Sung.


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