“Must be white. No Black Guys.”

“No Asians.”

“No Natives.”

“Sorry. Just a Preference”

Ever wish you had a huge ass can of “Bitch Be Gone” or “Bigot Spray” when encountering the above fuckery on hook-up sites? Grindr, Jack’d, Growlr, etc are all infected with the combined social viruses of bigotry, racism, and prejudice, and the epidemic is pretty much widespread at this point, making us wish such fuckboy repellent sprays were at not only arm’s reach, but pocket reach as well. The growing debates of inclusiveness within the gay community has reached a fever pitch, bringing a literal halt to the recent Capitol Pride parade in D.C. and even prompting gay activists of color to add black and brown stripes to the universal Pride flag (the latter which I disagree with, but I digress) in move to truly feel included within the community as a whole. The prejudice wasn’t confined to just Grindr or Growlr anymore, it has become bolder and more pronounced, albeit very slick. With constant conversations within intellectual groups featuring PoC and almost weekly think pieces being written across the Internet landscape about the growing racial chasm within the gay community, it was only a matter of time before someone would develop an app that would not only cater to the multicultural populace within the same sex loving, but also combat them before they even can press the “submit” button on their profile application.

I introduce to you the “Bigot Repellent” you’ve dying for. And it’s name is Noir.


Created by Savage Code, the Noir app caters to the gay people of color and those who love us by channeling the black jazz clubs of the 1920s and 1930s, which not only provided safe places for people of color, but also those of the queer identity. It has a ZERO policy on hate speech, and it was created by us, for us and that detail shows down to the blank profile avatar. If you’re deft at using Jack’d or Grindr, then it will take you no time to get to know Noir.

The app is free in the App Store for iOS devices. An Android version is in the works, but it’s completion is contingent on the success of the iOS version. There are tiers/pay walls to use certain features on the app like any other of its kind. A one time Ad-Free price of $4.99 will help in that endeavor, also there are membership packs that can be bought in “increments” one month, three months, and a year.



Noir’s success is integral for people of color within the gay community. If you’re tired of the racism wrapped in “preference” profiles, the disrespectful stereotypes concerning our “BBCs” or “big black cocks” for the uninitiated, and the constant racial slurs hurled at you for not engaging in a bigot’s fantasy, then Noir is the place for you.

Spread the word. Our time has come.

You can find Noir in the App Store for iOS, or here on the official website.