Here’s the new list titled: “A Mark O. Estes ‘Novel:’ 33 Random Chapters”

It is tentative and subject to change.

“A Mark O. Estes ‘Novel:’ 33 Random Chapters”

Chapter One: “At least once a day I ask myself where did I go wrong in my life, and not in a comical manner…”

Chapter Two: “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to accept that a lot of my dreams will never come into fruition”

Chapter Three: “I’ve rarely experienced the true notion of comfort.”

Chapter Four: “Growing old and alone still haunts me.”

Chapter Five: “Nostalgia is like a recreational drug that you can either wallow in or use it to reconnect with your inner self, who you may have thought you left behind.”

Chapter Six: “Sleep has become the adult boogeyman.Will explain later”

Chapter Seven: “I miss being able to read freely with no obligations, interruptions, or plain old distractions.”

Chapter Eight: “I’m a personable person. I’m not a personable person.”

Chapter Nine: “My Friends are my world.”

Chapter Ten: “I’m flip-flopping over whether I’ll ever experience a loving relationship or not. Currently I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Chapter Eleven: “I stay in my head entirely way too much.”

Chapter Twelve: “My love for TV is waning…”

Chapter Thirteen: “Music is an integral part of my life.”

Chapter Fourteen:“I’ve only had one person I was truly in love with.”

Chapter Fifteen: “Coming Out was the best thing to happen to me.”

Chapter Sixteen: “I’d be interested in partaking in a triad relationship.”

Chapter Seventeen: “Despite claims from various social groups and figures, I don’t think society as a whole really wants to accomplish unity.”

Chapter Eighteen: “As of 2016, I’ve only been to one concert in my life and that was Kanye West’s College Dropout Tour back in 2004.”

Chapter Nineteen: “One of my biggest goals is to tryout for Big Brother at least five times.”

Chapter Twenty: “Trying to make sense of the world is a taxing experience and I’m over it. To an extent.”

Chapter Twenty-One: “I still haven’t seen more than half of the movies I own…”

Chapter Twenty-Two: “I wish Divine Intervention would have stepped in and warned me not to come back to Brownsville.”

Chapter Twenty-Three: “Embracing every unique aspect of me has been the greatest love affair ever told in my book.”

Chapter Twenty-Four: “I still believe that you don’t get a free pass from being labeled an asshole because of your accomplishments in life.”

Chapter Twenty-Five: “I still wonder about Christian Tobias Estes, the son I dreamed about many years ago in college.”

Chapter Twenty-Six: “People truly think that I’m stupid and don’t pick up on that.”

Chapter Twenty-Seven: “If I could travel anywhere in the world and stay there, it would have to be somewhere near a beach or cove of some kind, or in metropolitan area with more than 500,000 people to experience on a daily basis.”

Chapter Twenty-Eight: “There’s not that many people I can trust. And even the ones I do trust, I can’t help get leery about sometimes.”

Chapter Twenty-Nine: “Biggest pet peeve is social media and the plethora of misinformation circulating through it like a disease.”

Chapter Thirty: “I truly hate talking about race, even when I’m enraged about something blatantly racist.”

Chapter Thirty-One: “When I die, I want The Smiths’ ‘There is A Light That Never Goes Out’ to be sung at my funeral, and some of my ashes to be set loose on the Pacific Coast.”

Chapter Thirty-Two: “I’ve never forgiven myself for not fighting harder for my first love.”

Chapter Thirty-Three: “I still think about death constantly.”


Again, these are all tentative.