Last night I wrote about taking a list I compiled for a 2009 Facebook trend and using it as a template to reflect and write daily about why I felt that way at that particular moment for a personal birthday retrospective covering the seven years since and before the list was written. I also wrote about doing something else entirely and not wanting to say exactly what just yet, because of my compulsiveness to change my mind at any given moment.

Well it’s Day #2 of my 23 Days of Reflection on 33 Years on Earth, and I’ve changed my mind on how to approach this self-appointing task.

Instead of explaining how I felt seven years ago, I’ve decided to compile a whole new list that represents my current mind state as of today. It will hopefully be more forthcoming than the list I drafted back in 2009. I have some entries in mind at the moment, and hopefully will have the list completed by the end of tonight. Some days will have two entries or more and some will have a single entry.

I’m trying to remain focused and determined to complete this personal challenge, but life constantly gets in the way. It’s like the present doesn’t want me to dwell on the past, which in some instances is considered a wise stance. But in some others, it’s healthy to reevaluate your past to determine or make sense of your present or future.

17 minutes left in the day so for the sake of keeping up with this task, I’m publishing this piece right now, and will introduce the new list for tomorrow.