Scream the TV Series

In the past seven weeks, the residents of Lakewood have managed to irritate, frustrate, and motivate me to go on a weekly onslaught of reading the brats for filth rampage at the end of each episode of MTV’s Scream: The TV Series.

In other words, I love this show. No. Seriously, I’ve actually grown to love MTV’s take on the popular 90s satirical slasher franchise that revitalized the horror genre (and turned me into an uber fan) so much that it’s replaced precedence over other summer shows. This is huge for me, especially since I was giving the show a severe side when it premiered back in June. My little black heart of disdain when it came to this show has taken on a shade of romantic pink, the kind where there’s a continual love and hate relationship, but I can’t see my world without it on my TV schedule. No matter how much I want to drop kick the shit out of it from time to time.

Yes, there are issues with this ‘perfect romance.’ Issues that are of the plothole or bad delivery variety, where characters either end up in a situation that doesn’t make any sense (how was there not any police officers at the police station when Riley was there by herself?), or when faced with a terrifying loss, the cast goes on after a mini-breakdown and act like nothing had ever happened. Emily losing Maya lasted a plausibly long time on Pretty Little Liars, but after Audrey lost Rachel, she was good (sort of) after an episode and a half. Plus, Sarah Koenig wannabe Piper Shaw walks into a high school bleeding from her head and no one decides to stop her in this post-Columbine era we’re in? Bruh, please…

But with the blatantly bad comes the graciously good. While Riley being left alone at an abandoned police station required a great stretch of the imagination, it led to a damn good chase/death scene that still rivals all the deaths on the show. The recent episode where Emma, Jake, Brooke, and Noah went looking for Will at the abandoned bowling alley offered a great deal of suspense and revelations, easily becoming my favorite episode of the season so far. The mystery of Brandon James/Maggie is actually pretty intriguing, despite its questionable shelf life past season one. Let’s hope that when we find out who the Lakewood Ghostface really is that the reveal will only be a small piece to a bigger picture; one that will not take seven years to piece together. Pretty Little Liars.>

You'll Never See It Coming

So, yes, I’ve (mostly) gotten over the fact that Scream: Lakewood doesn’t coincide with the world of Scream: Woodsboro/Windsor College. I’ve (mostly) gotten over the fact that we will never find out if Kirby really survived the bloodbath of Scream 4. I’ve (mostly) gotten over the fact that we’re stuck with a Ghostface not as menacing as his predecessor(s). But at the same time, I’m just as glad that we’ve got a slasher television show on the air. And if Scream: Lakewood manages to remain a modest, but buzzworthy success, there will be more slashers headed to the small screen. Jason Voorhees, the hockey masked villain of the Friday the 13th series, is already headed to The CW (possibly, since it’s only a pilot and not an official pickup), which, despite a lot of gripes and groans from the horror community, is damn good thing in my book.

And let’s face it. Until the Weinstein Brothers get their shit together over at Dimension/Miramax Films, Scream:The TV Series aka Scream: Lakewood will have to suffice until a Scream 5 or Scream reboot surfaces. So, we just have to make the best out of it.

Although… I’m still holding out hope that the final episode of this season reveals a tie to the original series. Preferably a plot point Kevin Williamson had in mind when developing Scream 4 involving a returning fan fave from the original trilogy. Now that I wouldn’t have seen coming.