Big Brother 17 Cast

Blogger’s Note: I usually blog about all things Big Brother on other blogs/sites besides this one, because Building Mysteries was at one time solely a personal blog that showcased my experimental writings and other intimate effects. However, that has slowly become not the case and I will use Building Mysteries to reflect on things I love the most, including all things pop culture, which includes Big Brother as well.

Well, it’s that time of year again where I become obsessed with all the fuckery that is Big Brother and this week marks CBS’s official press tour for the seventeenth season of the summer behemoth that went from shameful guilty pleasure to must see TV. Usually, I am here for all the new faces, the new design for the infamous Big Brother house, and the announcement of the new twists into the game the fizzle out before sequester starts for the jury members. But this year? I am more than slightly bored of it all.

There are certain stages that I endure each summer with Big Brother. First, is the annual rabid excitement stage where I warn all family and friends to not fuck with me during Big Brother on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights, among checking my BB news sites and live feeds religiously. Then once some of the players are weeded out and alliances become more solid, the next phase I enter is the “bitch, please” phase that lasts most of the summer due to my disbelief that no one can see this huge ass mega-alliance slicing and dicing their way to the final four. Then when said alliance either hits several road blocks and implodes into several mini side alliances, or merges into something even more God awful, I enter my “kill me now” phase which is when my excitement for Big Brother (at least that current season) turns into a plea to end my suffering until the next season starts.

But after peeping out the new cast and hearing what this season’s twist will entail, I’m slick stuck on Phase Two of my annual Big Brother cycle before the season has even aired it’s first promo.

For starters ,the cast is hella bland. Like there are only five people I immediately locked eyes on, which doesn’t mean shit since I can’t even remember their names or their backgrounds while writing this post. I can only remember that we have one gay guy, one black female, the very first transgender in Big Brother history, and one guy’s planned dual personality that only reminds me of the tale of Edward Mordrake. Plus, there is one cast member who clearly was hired to be the hot stud of the summer, because after claiming he was a super-fan he immediately revealed that he binged watched the last eight seasons in the past four months. Not saying that isn’t a doable feat, but it sounds more like research for an actor’s first gig to me.

Also there is this summer’s twist that got a resounding “Womp, womp, WOMP!” when it came across my screen. Special guests and weeks worth of twists throughout the entire summer? Uh, I guess… I mean, maybe it will pan out to work well, that way everyone’s strategies would be fucked on a weekly basis. However, depending on who the producers groom to shine this year, the ‘twist of twists’ could work in their favor, which would get old for the BB17 audience real quick. Especially the one tapping these keys at the moment.

As of this writing, the Houseguests have entered the Big Brother house and have probably formed at least ten alliances right now. Can’t wait to see them all implode once the “Big Brother Takeover” twist goes into effect.