Into The Void (v.1)



Out of the corner of my eyes I see you standing there waiting for me like an eagerly, adroit salesman pimping his bestselling piece of inventory. You mask yourself well as a fleeting shadow. You’re everywhere. You’re nonlinear. A blurred déjà vu. A visual second thought. The haunting “what ifs…”
What is it that you want? Undivided Attention? Shameless Recognition? Or the keys to my already corrupted soul? Ah… The glint in your eye has given you away….
You want to be the Gepetto to my Pinocchio. You want to commandeer my cracked essence like a demented puppeteer, my strings attached to a devilish violin that you play so well. Guiding my past adolescent transgressions into the too tight skinny jeans of my present, wrecking havoc on my fashionable future.
You’re relentless for me to return into The Void you call your humble abode. But I can’t go back. I refuse to go back. I’ve out grown its warped boundaries. The never ending cycle of mental self torture faded into the obscurity of my mind ages ago. Yet you always want my company. Hints are a miss with you. Why can’t you just bid me adieu?
So slither back into the misty void, old friend. Retract from the corners of my eyes. Tell your shadows to do an about face back into the darkness, because Tangina has declared defiantly that the essence inside my temple is most definitely “clean.”
And while you’re at it, tell Marand I said hello. And that I’m waiting for him on the other side…