I can’t sleep… 

Why? The answer is quite simple, yet a bit complicated. You see… My mind operates like that. Its dual nature is both a curse and a blessing in more ways than one. But I digress.

I can’t sleep.

Why? I’m afraid.

I’m afraid of my mind hijacking my body with thoughts of your tears and rage hammering away at my psyche.

I’m afraid of closing my eyes and succumbing to the nightly death like slumber to only wake up to a broken heart and an empty bed.

I’m afraid of entering the Land of Dreams to only find myself making a wrong turn to Nightmare City and being haunted by our dead love affair. 

I’m afraid of sleeping on a million ways to tell you how much I love you.

I’m afraid of the anger pulsating through your mind, body, and soul, and not having any power of ceasing that internal storm by making things right.

I’m afraid…

I’m afraid of losing you.

No matter how heavy my eyelids get with the daily horror show known as my life, they will not have the urge to rest based on the fear of your absence.

The excruciating notion of being deprived of you overrides my integral need for slumber. 

My dreams are meaningless and irrelevant if we don’t experience them together.


So that’s why I can’t sleep.

I’m simply afraid…