Hey, may I tell you something? Okay. I’m gonna need your undivided attention…

All day I’ve been thinking about you. Thinking of looking deeply into your eyes, holding your hand, softly caressing my cheek against your cheek… Essentially loving you. Loving everything about you.

I’ve been dreaming of us slowly dancing under the clear well-lit night sky, the stars charting a clandestine future unbeknownst to us as we sway effortlessly in sync to each other’s rhythm, representing our lights and darknesses as they swirl into a warm and welcoming gray.

I long to feel my heart beating madly against yours. I long to sense the air you breath flowing gently through your lungs. I long to delicately cup your chin in my hand and whisper gently to you, face to face, how much I love you; how much I deeply, irrevocably love you. I long to get lost in your eyes and your world. I long to become one unbreakable unit, one singular entity, one powerful existence.

This… This is what I have been thinking about today. And that’s all I have for now.

Any questions?