You retreat within the dark castle of your mind;

 intimidating, saturnine turrets hold flags at half mast to signify your request for solitude.

The surrounding,  impenetrable barrier, erected and protected by your anger and rage, is all that stands between you and the harsh factuality that is life.

But it is also what keeps me from reaching you. From consoling you. From loving…


The only company within your darksome citadel is the warring trifecta within your mind; the only topic on hand is emotional destruction,

yet their language is foreign enough for you to not comprehend the repercussions of such a callous move.

Outside, I bang my bloodied hands on the icy,  stony barricade, each strike hurting from the unforgiving freeze burn; begging, demanding, for you to

Let. Me. In.

Eventually I stop after your silence deafen my ears. Your ‘company’ grins broadly like the Cheshire cat; thinking they’ve defeated the only foe against their plans for dominating your life with angry misshapen images of your world’s view.

But they, your ‘company,’ underestimates the one factor that always matters. The “divine move” that always conquers its opponent in the end: Love.

My Love.

I return to your hellish castle brandishing arsenal that would make Cupid blush with pride.

However, while these particular weapons can’t tear down the pseudo-misanthropic fence you’ve built with one powerful blow…

…they can at least leave dents. Fissures. Cracks.

And with my love for you, all of you, being eternal…

…I will never run out of ammunition.

Just let me into your darkness.

Just let me in…