A Haunting? 

A Haunting?

You rule these cavernous, contorted halls like an emperor of the nether, traveling aimlessly for a cause; waiting patiently for the manifestation of an ill-advised sliver to appear.

 Are you of the unconscious mind? Or are you from a past undone?

Once the otherworldly breach occurs you slither through, a beautiful nightmare; your impossible presence uncanny, yet carelessly summoned.
Are you a propitious, conscious being’ Or are you a voided husk; a one way, mischievous vacuüm to the ether?

You are now here in the cerebral corporeality, your spectral talons gripped firmly into this jaded reality. Your invasive tentacles, happily and intricately, coiled throughout the ingenuously naiveté of your prey; promising an indefinite companionship, whether graciously welcomed or vehemently despised.

When your current assignment runs its transcendental course, you silently slip back to your phantasmagorical realm, aimlessly cruising its cataclysmic highway until another foolhardy or blissfully ignorant exit to this plane of existence introduces itself.