(Author’s Note: Wrote this during a low point in my life recently. Originally posted this as a status on Facebook and a few people liked it. So here it is again.)
Beautiful Chaos
To create we must destroy everything we’ve ever known. Sometimes it takes an act of Mother Nature, a basic storm if you will, to achieve such a drastic makeover. Personal storms are just as equally violent and literally destructive as their ‘namesakes,’ no matter if they’re external or not. But expect to feel trepidation – a fear that you mightn’t make it through the night or what…ever length of time your personal storm may last – sets in and consumes you, becoming your constant companion on the hellish ride, while anxiety acts as the other passenger, both chiming in from the backseat or the a darkened corner of the recesses of your mind ever so often. Doubting your chances of survival. Underestimating your potential to see the carnage through.
But when the storm, personal or literal, finally hits… This is where the real test begins. Because once the chaos finally commences its temporary reign of cataclysmic renewal, a point of no return is not an option. You must face it through. It WILL effect you. It HAS to effect you for the next step in the restoration process to truly begin.
Previously comfortable foundations (relationships), irreplaceable personal effects (identity), the shattered remnants of assimilated ideals (faith), must be in ruins or in some form of disarray. Battered, bruised, and busted. Ripe for reconstruction.
And when the dark clouds finally subside and nature restores dawn’s light, and you take all of those destroyed elements in your life and choose to (because you WILL have to make a choice) rebuild, refresh, and renew your life’s canvas, you’ve survived the storm.
And when that stupendous, revelatory sense of serenity finally hits your soul, then you’ll also know that everything, no matter how devastating you may have perceived it, will most definitely be all right.
Photo retrieved from World Book Advance through the Tennessee Electronic Library.