The Reintroduction of Myself To You (and Me)So much time has passed since I last wrote a post on here that I have no clue on where to start, which is very, very odd… See, I blog/write regularly for TVOvermind, a website dedicated to TV news and gossip that I have made my home for the past 4 years. I’ve also blogged for The Taylor Network, TV is My Pacifier, and Breaking Tweets Entertainment (which is now defunct), so writing and blogging shouldn’t send me into a state of surprise and cold feet since I’ve become a pro at it for the last few years.

That is until the writing subject at hand is myself, which is when fingers develop severe arthritis and my brain goes into a state of goo.  These factors alone become a great reason to stall, procrastinate, and clam up in an instant at the prospect of discussing yours truly.

I created ‘Building Mysteries’ to eradicate, or at least alleviate, the fears that either hinder or handicap me in my daily life, most notably my writing and other aspirations that drive me. To take off my many masks and just bask in the enigma that is me, exploring the whys and the hows of where I came from and where I am going. In short, Building Mysteries was a chance for me come clean with myself on several things, including personal feelings and non trivial aspects such as pop culture, food, and other miscellaneous things that give to my life daily.

I was trying to find out what happened to that kid who dreamed big and reached harder for the stars. The one who no matter how much he tripped up, one thing was constant and never tarnished on his eyes. That kid and I were inseparable. We created new worlds and fought many battles together. We basked in our geekdom, we marveled at moviemaking and their resulting products. We purposely got lost through the many pages of whatever novel, comic, magazine, etc that fell in our lap and captured our attention at the moment. Then something happened. To this day I have no inkling or tipoff about what that something was and where it originated. In short, I lost sight of that kid, who people would always acknowledge as being on the verge of greatness one day. I constantly revisit (in my mind) the few fleeting images of who I was and, sadly, the images have become a bit… foreign. This, for the lack of better words, scares me.

So I’m here  (also) to rediscover, or retrieve rather, that part of me who saw limitless possibilities. I want to reconnect with “the kid” and not only see where I went wrong in my dreams and achievements, but to see where I went wrong in life in general. How did I lose my way? How did I let go of several attributes that helped me shine in the path of naysayers and haters alike?

There is one thing, however, that I wish to not happen with this blog. I don’t want my family to read anything that’s posted here. Again, this is an opportunity for honesty within myself and I can’t do that with my folks prying through here speculating and making matters worse. They are good for that. Just saying.

Now that I’ve made these declarations of trying to course correct a lot of the decisions I made in life, the challenge is now trying to keep with it and be as diligent about it as possible. Plus, for what might be the first time in my life, I feel that the challenge isn’t that much of a mountain to climb. and I stress the word ‘might.’