Well, where to begin…

If you’ve stumbled across this blog then I don’t know if you have interest in the mundane or you might’ve heard about me from someone else and decided to do some investigating. Either way, welcome!

Who am I? Well, that can only be answered with surface verbs, or rather things that people can tell without digging deep. I’m a pop culture/TV blogger for TVOvermind, which is owned by Jon Lachonis (Doc Arzt), and my Twitter handle is @theanticritic, which is where I spend some of my online time. In the “real world,” I’m a part time librarian and writer (and I do my best stuff when I’m depressed or highly intoxicated). In 2008, I graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major of Creative Writing. This was pre-economic crash in 2008, which is why I’m still begging someone to put me behind a desk some place where I won’t have anything to deal with but other cubicles. I can do cubicles, people. I want to do cubicles. Trust me, after doing public service for 10+ years, you would want to do cubicles, too.

I come from (and unfortunately) still reside in a small town, which is ass backwards when it comes to technology, ideals, and more. I still get strange looks when I mention some of the stuff that went/goes down here from my friends from other parts of the country. Seriously, we are basically in the heart of the Old South and we’re still haunted by the ghosts of losing the Civil War. The bad part is that people still want to be haunted by it. Not me. Let it go, move on and prosper for the Love of God…

I’m African-American, but some people might not say I fit the stereotypes of most African-American males my age (or any age period) and I’m proud of that. When you box yourself in expectations, you miss out on a lot. Trust me.

I guess you will learn more about me as life goes on, but be forewarned: I can post happy and I can post dark, so don’t whine at me about your day being ruined after reading something I had on my mind that day. You might call my mood swings bi-polar tendencies, but I call it an equal balance of light and dark, which we all have inside of us. I’ve embraced both natures of my being, so… yea. 🙂

So, in the words of a great friend of mine, Jamaal M. Winrow, I ask you:

“Are you sure you want to enter this madness?”